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B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

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129 Review(s)

  • May Boost Energy and Stamina
  • May Release Antioxidants in the Body
  • May Reduce Anxiety and Irritability
  • May Provide Results in Minutes, May Last for Hours

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  • Easy topical absorption
  • 8-hour delivery
  • No swallowing pills
  • No fillers and calories
  • Fast shipping
  • Money back gurarantee


Product Description

Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin that’s required for many bodily functions, including energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and formation of healthy red blood cells. The additional B vitamins perform a unique role in maintaining proper metabolic functioning, while nutritionally supporting the body during the stress of daily living. In addition, these vitamins play a necessary role in supporting cardiovascular health, the promotion of a healthy nervous system and support normal muscle function.*

  • May Boost Energy and Stamina
  • May Release Antioxidants in the Body
  • May Reduce Anxiety and Irritability
  • May Provide Results in Minutes, May Last for Hours
  • NO Sugar Crash, NO Sodium
  • May Restore Mental Clarity, MayImprove Memory
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

The B12 Energy Topical Patch is the best natural method of boosting energy, focusing attention and reducing anxiety without the burden of pills or injections.

For many decades, physicians and health experts have touted the benefits of Vitamin B12 to boost energy while creating a natural sense of well-being. With the slow release technology of a topical patch, we provide you with 24-hour access to this positive source of health. The B12 Energy Patch is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to prescription injections and oral supplements. In addition, our effective delivery system avoids the negative absorption issues of these other methods. Utlizing a patch delivery system, you can also help avoid a deficiency in this super vitamin.

Please try the B12 Energy Patch today and discover this natural source of energy for yourself. After all, what do you have to lose except pain and discomfort? Your freedom is one step away.

PatchMD products are Latex, Lactose., Gluten and Sugar-free

ALL PATCH ORDERS INCLUDE 30 PATCHES (30-DAY SUPPLY) and 100% Moneyback Guarantee


Apply patch daily to an area with little or no hair, i.e., shoulder, back or hip. For best results, it is recommended to wear PatchMD patches for 8 hours. There is no additional benefit wearing the patch longer than 8 hours. Patches can be worn during sleep. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. Patch is not waterproof. It is ok to wear multiple patches at a time. It is not recommended to wear B12 Energy Plus at night as it may keep you awake.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

Additional information

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129 reviews for B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

  1. Tonya A.

    I love it. It’s easy to use, can be discreetly worn, stays in place all day, and easy to remove when done. A great alternative to pills and capsules.

  2. Esther R.

    very easy to use

  3. Sherri F.

    I have trouble taking vitamins orally so, these topical patches have been a God send for me. My labs were great and my surgeon took copies so she could evaluate them more closely.

  4. Ellen B.

    These are fabulous,easy to use small soft patches that stay on till u take em off. Cheaper and easier than b12 shots. They are fantastic! Soo glad I tried them.

  5. Leslie H.

    Big difference in energy first day!

  6. Tami J.

    I notice a boost in energy when O wear the patches.

  7. Steph B.

    I can definitely tell when I forget to use them. I have much more energy throughout the day. They stay on and are so easy! I will be taking these for life!

  8. Jennifer W.

    These actually work. I had been feeling so lethargic, after 24 hours of having my patch on, which is tiny, I was impressed, I have so much more energy. The patch is smaller than I expected and discreet. Material is soft and pliable and doesn’t leave a sticky residue on you once you remove. Highly recommend this patch.

  9. Arin S.

    I noticed a big difference in my energy levels since the first day. It’s a natural feeling too, doesn’t make me all jittery like caffeine pills used to. So nice to finally find a product that works!

  10. Paul G.


  11. Deborah G.

    Just started taking it so not sure yet how it’s working. So far I don’t feel a difference. But maybe I’m not suppose to!

  12. Nicole J.

    It is still too soon to really tell if they are helping y fatigue. Hopefully they will. I will update in a week.

  13. Susan W.

    Patches stay in place very well. Hope these patches help me with anemia, a side effect of Celiac Disease.

  14. ondrea

    I think the idea is incredible. however. I think they need to work on the adhesive part as it does sometimes come off. Do I notice having extra energy, well no, not exactly, but I do not feel tired which probably means it is working because what I have read weeks after gastric bypass people feel lethargic and I don’t feel like that. I haven’t had a blood test yet but will in a few months. I will report back. But the patches are so much better than chewables which don’t taste all that good and I tend to miss taking them wihich I don’t with the patches!

  15. Teresa Z.

    Love these products, I have never liked taking vitamins pill form due to stomach upset. These are the perfect solution and are easy to use, stay in place, and the price is right.

  16. Rich S.

    I love the easy way this patch administers the level of b vitamins to my body, I feel so balanced since I started using the patches. Thanks guys

  17. Lanie.Schroder

    After trying the calcium and vitamin D3 patch I wanted to try the B12 patch. I have tried the drops and chewables and just can’t stand it. Much better!

  18. Jess H.

    I have leaky gut syndrome from years of overeating and indulging in binge eating sessions. I work closely with a holistic doctor who several years ago suggested trying the PatchMD vitamin patches. At the time I was deficient in many vitamins and minerals, including B12, B6, B1, B2, Folate, Vitamin D and Zinc. As I result I began using many of the patches. The B12 patch in particular was like a miracle. I guess I didn’t realize that how badly I felt all the time wasn’t normal. I had become used to feeling like that and thought I always would feel that way. I began to experience an increase in energy, a more restful sleep and a stabilized mood within a week. It just went to show me that when my body hurts or I am moody, that it is trying to communicate that it doesn’t have the essential components it needs to operate optimally. I stopped using them for some reason or another and here I am a year later back to feeling how I used to. I ordered the patches today and couldn’t be more thrilled that they are on the way!

  19. Joanne R.

    I like them works great ??

  20. Veronica

    I was feeling pretty down after my surgery because I had trouble finding some supplement brands that did not make me feel sick. I found that several supplements that my doctor recommended are available in patches so I thought I’d try them out, including the one for B12. So glad I did, couple of days after I started noticing more energy throughout the day. Plus I am pretty bad at remembering to take any pill or liquid medicine, so it is working really great to just place the patch every morning and just go out and mind my day. I totally recommend it.

  21. Laderica K.

    I aS hesitant ordering this product because my doctor didn’t have any research on its effectiveness therefore she could not recommend it. I am now on my second order and my husband and I both love them.

  22. Nancy S.

    Love them

  23. Launda M.

    I have been taking these product for a couple months. They are great

  24. Deborah C.

    Love the results. No pills to swallow and no shots. Perfect for me.

  25. Shelly B.

    Love the ease of using these patches, no more handfuls of pills and bottles all over my counter.

  26. ToVonnia

    I have been using the B12 Energy Plus patch for 3 weeks, and I am loving the fact that I only have to apply them once a day. I was having to take pills several times a day and I would constantly forget to take the second dose with my busy schedule. I have more energy and I am loving that. I work full-time and I am in college full-time. I have a Dr appointment next month and will be having labs drawn then. I will definitely be continuing with the B12 Energy Plus patches.

  27. Shemicka T.

    This product is easy to use and there is no hassle. Simply wake up, stick the patch in a comfortable place and let it work for you. At the end of 8 hours take it off and dispose of it. I love it.

  28. Judith M.

    An easy way to get your B12 energy all day long

  29. Sandra H.

    I have used the Patch less than 3 weeks, but I feel like my old self. I am satisfied with the Patch.

  30. Patricia R.

    Patch md works great for bariatric people

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