Use code BFBOGO to Buy One Get One Free While Supplies Last! ** (Promotion Terms)

Promotional Terms

We love offering you great discounts and try to do so as much as possible! We make every effort to make the process easy but we are including some of the boring(but important) stuff below, that you might need to know if you get stuck.

Terms and conditions that apply to our (awesome) promotions where you must enter a Promotional Code in order to redeem a discount. * Please note that promo codes do not apply to subscriptions or Buy one Get two free as they are already discounted.

  • Promotional codes must be entered at the time of purchase, before checkout to qualify.
  • Promotional codes have no cash value.
  • Promotional codes are valid for a limited time only, while supplies last. PatchMD reserves the right to modify or cancel it at any time.
  • Each promotional code applies only to qualifying items.
  • Promotional codes  do not apply to the following: Bundles ( multiple packs sold under the same SKU), 2-packs, Buy One Get Two Free, and sale items.
  • Sitewide promotions apply to separately sold 30-Day supply, retail priced SKUs for  19.95 and up ( no lower than 19.95).
  • For BOGO * promotions, a minimum quantity total of two 30-day supply SKUs is required in the cart for the discount to apply along with the current, supplied code. You must place the total number of qualifying items in the cart you wish to receive then place the code, which will take off the applicable discount. * BOGO promos do not add free items to the cart.
  • Promotional codes may not be stacked or combined with other offers unless otherwise stated.
  • Promotional codes apply to a limited number of 16 items in the cart unless otherwise stated.
  • Taxes and shipping charges do not apply toward the minimum purchase requirements.
  • Promotional codes are not compatible with Save and Subscribe ( subscription) offers, they are pre-discounted upon sign up.
  • Limit of one use per code, per person, applies unless otherwise stated.
  • For promos offering Free Shipping: Minimum purchase requirement amounts are calculated after the promotional code is applied.
  • During Free Shipping promotions, only US domestic orders apply.
  • Refunds or credits for returned items purchased with promotional codes will have the original value of the promotional code subtracted accordingly from your return refund or credit amount.
  • Each promotional code applies only to new products sold on the website and does not apply to the same products sold on other websites or offered by other sellers, affiliates, or otherwise.
  • If any of the Terms and Conditions are not met, the promotion code discount will not apply and become invalid.
  • If you suspect something technical on the site is causing an error – please contact us at or start a live chat with the title of CHECKOUT HELP.