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Patchmd FAQ’s

Patchmd FAQ’s2024-04-10T03:18:28-08:00


What is your money-back guarantee?2023-08-21T00:14:45-08:00

100 % money-back guarantee, If it’s not for you, it’s on us; we are more than happy to return your order within 30 days for a 100% refund. Contact [email protected].

How long do I wear the patch?2023-08-21T00:14:30-08:00

Our patches are designed to be worn up to 8 hours. Wearing the patches beyond 8 hours may cause adverse skin reaction .

What is the shelf life/Where is the expiration date found?2023-08-21T00:14:24-08:00

You can find the expiration date on the back of the inside packaging. Shelf life is 2 years when stored correctly.

Where should I put the patch on my body?2023-08-21T00:14:04-08:00

Apply our patches on your body in a location with little or no hair.  Hip and shoulder are recommended.  For best results, rotate the patch location placing it on different parts of your body in a revolving cycle.

What is the best way to store them?2023-08-21T00:10:44-08:00

Storing your patches is best done away from heat, moisture and direct sunlight. Avoid storing open packages in the bathroom. Some people choose to keep them in a sealed ziplock bag once opened.

Is this safe for my children?2023-08-21T00:10:36-08:00

Consult your doctor.

What if the patches bother my skin?2023-08-21T00:10:31-08:00

If you have skin sensitivity, try using baby oil or rubbing alcohol to remove the patch.  If you still have an adverse skin reaction or redness, stop use and contact PatchMD at [email protected].

Can I get the patch wet?2023-08-21T00:10:24-08:00

Our patches are not water-resistant. If water comes in contact with the patch it may cause the patch to adhere more thus making the patch difficult to remove. If patches are exposed to water, try using rubbing alcohol or baby oil to remove.

Are the patches natural?2023-08-21T00:10:15-08:00

Our patches are made with hypo allergenic adhesive – this means that the tape is non-irritating to the human skin.

How long to ship?2023-08-21T00:10:05-08:00

Our desire is to get your patches to you as soon possible. We ship every order within 1-2 business days of the order’s placement, followed by 3-5 business days of transit depending on your location. Our customers may experience lengthy delivery times around holidays. We ship our patches from Henderson, Nevada.

Multiple patches?2023-08-21T00:09:58-08:00

Why wear one patch when you could wear three? Although more than one patch at a time is not uncommon, we recommend that you first consult with your doctor about your individual needs and any test results that may be applicable. Multiple patches can be applied each day, including different patches simultaneously. That is why some people wear 3-5 patches at one time.

What do you have for weight loss patches?2023-08-21T00:09:27-08:00

We have an appetite suppressant.  See Garcinia Cambogia.

What are the best times?2023-08-21T00:09:21-08:00

Any time! Our patches are meant to be convenient and fit around YOU – so whether first thing in the morning or before bed, at work or during afternoon tea, you can apply a patch. Patches are not meant to be worn longer than eight hours at any one time.  B12 at night is not recommended.

Can I replace my prescription medication with PatchMD?2023-08-21T00:09:14-08:00

We do not recommend taking our patches in place of your doctor’s prescribed medication.  Please consult your professional healthcare provider if you have questions regarding PatchMD.


When will my order ship?2023-08-21T00:09:09-08:00

Orders ship 1 – 2 business days after the order confirmation is sent to your email.

How long does it take to get my order?2023-08-21T00:08:48-08:00

For domestic orders: Please allow 4-5 business days after order confirmation. You will receive an email with a tracking number once the package has been shipped. For international orders: Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks after order confirmation. Please note that tracking is not provided on international shipping.

What shipping method do you use?2023-08-21T00:08:42-08:00

We use USPS First Class.


When does the money come out of my account?2023-08-21T00:08:36-08:00

For faster service, the payment processing is done immediately upon checking out so we can process your order as quickly as possible.

I forgot my password, what do I do?2023-08-21T00:08:07-08:00

Please use the RESET MY PASSWORD link to request a password reset that will be sent to your email. The link can be found on the bottom left of the page, once you enter the MY ACCOUNT area, navigated from the main menu bar at the top right. If you encounter further difficulties, please contact customer service for assistance: https://www.patchmd.com/crm.asp?action=contactus

How can I change my billing or shipping info?2023-08-21T00:08:00-08:00

This can be done once you log in to your account. To do so, find the “ MY ACCOUNT” tab, at the right, on the top main navigation bar. Then choose “ RETURNING CUSTOMER” Once the page loads you will find your billing and shipping address listed below where you can proceed with changes. Be sure to hit the UPDATE MY INFORMATION button before moving on.

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