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Collagen Plus Topical Patch

  • Skin and Nails Health
  • Joint Health
  • Muscle Mass
  • Gut Health
  • Hair Health
  • Bone Strength
  • Heart Health
  • Brain Health

Collagen supplements are a hot topic in the health and beauty industry these days. Collagen is the most plentiful protein in your body. It serves to support your tendons, ligaments, and skin.

Collagen is the structural protein responsible for many of the characteristics that determine how your skin looks and feels. Not only does it provide your skin structure, but it also affects its suppleness and elasticity. In addition, it helps keep your hair and nails strong and healthy, too!

Type I collagen is most famous for its ability to improve the health and appearance of skin by reducing signs of aging and minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. Skin elasticity, moisture, and smoothness are also greatly improved with this type of collagen supplementation.

Type II collagen is the type of collagen in cartilage tissue, making it the most important type of collagen for joints, ligaments, and tendons. Cartilage is the firm connective tissue that forms the smooth, gliding joint surfaces and protects the bones in these high-friction areas.

Type III collagen is the second most abundant form of collagen in the body. This collagen type is usually found alongside Type I collagen in tissues. Type III collagen is important for organ function, such as in the intestines, lungs, liver, kidneys, blood vessels, and heart.

When it comes to personal health, the benefits of collagen are unrivaled. The new wonder-supplement has both health and beauty experts excited about its many advantages for people of all ages and genders. While collagen is naturally occurring in the body, this supplement will help optimize your collagen levels for added health benefits.


Feel tired during the day

Nervous system on overdrive

Healing and recovery are slowed

Immune system is challenged

Feel hungry often, have difficulty losing weight

Emotions feel out of balance

Social interactions are diminished

Collagen patch by PatchMD

Collagen Plus Topical Patch

Beauty comes from the inside out and collagen is a staple in the health community. It is a beauty product and a health product. Most importantly, collagen is a protein. It is the protein most abundant within the human body. This protein helps to create and strengthen skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Studies show that increasing the collagen intake in your body can sustain keeping that youthful glow we all seek for a far longer period.

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