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How to Use an Essay Writing Service?

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Many essay writing companies offer custom writing assistance to many students around the globe. But not all of these companies are reputable.

Most of these companies claim to provide cheap essay writing assistance to entice students to hire them. While they do not always offer all the help and assistance they claim, they can still offer students many benefits.

There are some benefits from Essayswriting.org like:

  • A lot of discounts;
  • Convenient and simple site;
  • Low prices;
  • Writers have been working for a long time;
  • Plagiarism – free papers;
  • Individual writing.

When you hire a service like Essayswriting.org for writing assistance, you will be provided with essays that are written by a professional. This means that they will use correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, and structure to ensure your essays meet the standards set by the university or college.

Use discounts and order the paper

This is what many students want when they seek help for writing essays. When you hire a service like Essayswriting, you know the company is an experienced writer who uses proper techniques in writing essays. The company can tell you how long it took the writer to write the essay and even give you examples of their work. This will help you understand how long the essay will take to finish.

Essay writing assistance will also give you samples of essays they have completed. This gives you a better idea on what your essay should look like. They can show you sample essays they have written in the past that will give you a better idea of what your essay should look like.

Essay writing assistance can also give you an idea of how to edit the essay after it is finished. They can help you learn how to format the essay so it fits properly into the paper. They can also tell you about the best way to proofread the essay. This will save you time and give you a better chance at being able to write an effective and successful essay.

When it comes to editing your essays, they can help you with this process in order to create an effective and well-written essay. Writing assistance can help you find errors and flaws in the essay before they become noticeable. This will allow you to revise the essay accordingly and improve on it.

Get some benefits on Essayswriting.org and use them

Writing assistance can also provide you with essay editing software. This software can scan your essay and give you feedback so that you can correct any grammatical errors or spelling errors in the essay. You can also get advice on how to organize your essay and make sure that it flows well.

Essay writing assistance is also capable of providing you with essay editing software. This software allows you to edit the essay with the help of several different tools including word processors, Microsoft Word and even a computer-based word processing program.

They are also capable of providing you with essay templates. This means that you can write and then edit the essay with the help of a template so you do not have to write the essay from scratch every single time.


It is also possible for you to request a sample essay to use as a guide or as a starting point for writing your own essay. This will allow you to gain a better understanding of what it will look like with the help of a professional essay writing service like Essayswriting .

NAD Supplements to boost your NAD+ Levels

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We’re all on the hunt for the next big thing that boosts our health and vitality. We all want to feel young and stay active for many years. If you’re interested in a the latest health-related breakthroughs, you need to know what a NAD supplement can do for you.

As Scientific American put it, “Recent research suggests it may be possible to reverse mitochondrial decay with dietary supplements that increase cellular levels of a molecule called NAD.”

This simple, naturally occurring enzyme:

  • Has been found to improve energy levels (1)
  • May strengthen your immune system (2)
  •  Can reduce blood pressure (3)
  • Could improve cholesterol levels (4)
  • Can reverse signs of aging (5)
  • Can boost your metabolism (6)
  • May improve physical performance in every part of your life (7)
  • May help you manage neurological disorders including Parkinson’s, epilepsy and Alzheimer’s (8)

How can one supplement do all this and more? Let’s find out.

What is NAD and Why Do You Need It In Your Life?

We’re all looking for the secret to eternal youth. Over the decades, we’ve turned to a variety of eating plans, special diets, exercise routines, supplementation routines, hormone regimens, vitamins, minerals and even fortified waters. Researchers have raced to discover the key to energy, strength and vitality that last for decades.

After all these years, it appears they’ve singled out what could be the fountain of youth we’re all looking for.

What is NADH?

The acronym stands for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide. It’s a coenzyme that is present in every one of your cells. It’s a helper molecule that gives your cells the energy they need to function.

NADH is the key ingredient that keeps your cells strong and vibrant. It also keeps your body’s systems working properly.

When NADH Levels Drop

Low NADH levels are a chief cause of most signs of aging. They can lead to what scientists call oxidative stress, which simply means a situation where your body is worn out from fighting pathogens, bacteria and free radicals that age you. A body or a cell in oxidative stress is one step away from chronic inflammation and complete collapse.

That collapse usually shows up as a chronic condition. Low NADH levels can lead to conditions like diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, slower cognition, loss of focus, loss of physical strength and vision loss.

Decades of research show that low NADH levels can be linked to:

  • Insomnia.
  • Unexplained weight gain.
  • Loss of energy.
  • Reduced sexual desire.
  • Frequent headaches.
  • Many other symptoms of long-term, chronic illness.

How Does NADH Work?

When you look at how your body uses NADH, it becomes clear why it’s crucial to maintain the right levels of this powerful enzyme.

Your body uses NAD in a process called cellular respiration. You can think of this as your cells breathing. This process that occurs at the cellular level. During this cellular respiration, the mitochondria in your cells use adenosine diphosphate (ADP) to make adenosine triphosphate (ATP). They use ATP as a source of energy.

The process requires the use of specific electrons. Your cells get those electrons from your body’s stores of NADH.

A Potent Energy Source

In short, NADH is a potent source of vital, vibrant energy that works at a cellular level in every part of your body. Maintaining high levels of NADH will help you maintain your vitality and good health for decades.

If you’re lagging in certain key markers of health, supplementing your NADH levels will help you reverse those trends.

With high levels of NADH, you’ll be living proof that age is only a number.

Top 10 Benefits of High NADH Levels In Your System

Here are just a few of the ways NADH can help you live a happy, healthy life.

1. Lowers Blood Pressure

Thicker, slower arteries don’t have to be inevitable as you get older. Studies have found that maintaining high NADH levels can decrease blood pressure. It can also reduce cholesterol levels. There is even some evidence that it can make your heart stronger, but more research is needed in this area.

2. Promotes Muscle Strength

High NADH levels have been shown to increase muscle strength and performance. This is true even for people who started supplementing their NADH levels late in life.

3. Raises Sirtuin Levels

Sirtuins are enzymes that help you age with grace. They fight free radicals, protect cells from damage and can even repair cells that have been damaged by aging or disease. A 2014 study found that increasing NADH levels raises sirtuin levels. The researchers concluded that “supplementation may be an effective anti-aging intervention, providing hope to aging societies worldwide.”

4. May Reduce Inflammation

Chronic inflammation is a sign that your body has been fighting too many battles against disease for too long. If your body is constantly fighting off free radicals and pathogens, it will go into a state of inflammation and low-grade fever. Because NADH raises sirtuin levels, it may be part of “the development of novel therapeutic approaches to treat inflammation.”

5. Protects Brain Cells

Evidence shows that high levels of NADH can lead to high levels of PGC-1-alpha in your brain cells. PGC-1-alpha is a protein that guards your cells against oxidative stress. It keeps brain cells vital and active. There’s a clear link between strong, vital brain cells and a reduced chance of brain disorders like dementia, Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

6. Helps With Weight Loss

Having high NADH levels can keep you from gaining weight, even if your diet isn’t perfect. Scientists believe it’s because high NADH levels keep your appetite and stress hormones from going haywire.

7. Regulates Circadian Rhythms

There is promising evidence that NADH supplementation can help manage your circadian clock. Why is this important? Your circadian clock regulates your sleep, helps you recover from jet lag and other stresses and “has been known to be indispensable for maintaining cellular functions.”

8. May Protect Your Cells From Cancer

Researchers have found that strengthening your cells with NADH supplementation “could be a promising strategy for abolishing the development of tumor-initiating cells as a new therapeutic approach to treating aging-associated tumors.”

9. Protects Your Liver

The right levels of NADH in your body can protect your liver from damage. There is some evidence that they can even reverse and begin healing a liver that is already damaged.

10. Has No Dangerous Side Effects

Taking a NADH supplement won’t harm you. In studies, people who took 1000 to 2000 milligrams a day had no serious side effects.

How to Supplement NAD Levels

All right, you’re convinced. You want to increase the amount of this valuable enzyme in your body. What are some ways to do this?

Can You Supplement NAD Levels Naturally?

You can use nutrition and other lifestyle changes to maintain your levels, but you will probably need NAD supplements to see real changes. Here are some steps you can take.

Eat foods with NADH precursors. These include cow’s milk, dairy products, whole grains, yeast, dark-colored greens and beer. You should use dairy products that are grass-fed and organically grown for the most powerful results.

Eat high-protein foods. Look for high-quality protein including legumes, beans, lean meat and eggs. You can also use vegan protein supplements. Eating protein can help your body convert those NADH precursors.

Exercise regularly. Next to nutrition, regular physical movement is the best way to keep your NADH levels steady and stop them from dipping.

Try intermittent fasting. There is evidence this tactic helps increase NADH levels. It can also help you maintain your weight.

Avoid alcohol. Heavy use of wine, spirits and other forms of alcohol can cause NADH levels to drop quickly.

What a NAD Supplement Can Do for You

These natural methods can help, but they’re not powerful enough to really change the way you look, feel and perform. Only a NAD supplement can help you achieve high enough NAD levels to make a real difference. You need a NAD supplement to get the full health-boosting, energy-enhancing effects you want.

Types of NAD Supplement

Make sure you get the right type of NADH or NAD supplement.

Indirect supplements work by reducing stress and inflammation while increasing the level of antioxidants. In response, your body holds onto the NADH levels and begins adding to them. This is an indirect way of supplementing your levels.

So-called precursor supplements work quickly and directly. NADH precursors include:

  • Tryptophan, which is also known as L-tryptophan.
  • Nicotinamide riboside (NR), which is also called niagen.

How to Find the Right NAD Supplements

As the realization about NAD levels grew among researchers and the public, a number of manufacturers rushed their supplements to the market. Unfortunately for the public, there is no way to know if you’re buying a good-quality NAD supplement or a fake.

It’s entirely possible to pay good money for so-called NAD supplements that do not actually contain any active enzymes. Other products might be improperly produced or packaged. Those supplements might lose their potency the moment they’re opened.

Producing NAD supplements with stable levels of the right ingredients is tricky. It requires specialized knowledge and the right type of laboratory.

Purchase Your NAD Supplements from a Reliable Retailer

Where you buy your NAD supplement matters. Look for a retailer that specializes in producing pure, potent supplements.

A NAD supplement that you take orally may not give you the results you want. You should expect to feel dramatically different results within a week of taking your supplement. If you’re not getting those results, you might need to change your method of delivery.

The steady release, dosage consistency and product purity of a medical patch make it the ideal way to take any type of supplement.

Is a Patch a Good NAD Supplement?

A patch that you wear is a superior NAD supplement in every way. See how it compares to taking pills or getting injections:

  • Dosage: You don’t have to figure out what dosage of NAD supplement you need. The patch arrives in the dosage that’s perfect for you. It’s a slow-release dosage that keeps going all day.
  • Convenience: The patch doesn’t require water, injections or doctor’s appointments. You simply put the patch on each day.
  • Ease of use: You never have to think about it again. Once you sign up with PatchMD, you receive your monthly patches on schedule every month. You never have to worry about reordering or running out.
  • Potency: This patch contains pure, potent NAD supplement. You will feel a difference right away.
  • Purity: This is a pure NAD supplement that contains no artificial colors, flavors or additives.

NAD Supplements: Not Just Another Fad

The research is clear. A NAD supplement is a scientifically backed way of improving your vitality and youthfulness. As one research study concluded, “It has clear potential to not only prevent age-associated diseases but also to extend health span and perhaps lifespan.”

If you choose the right NAD supplement, you may soon be enjoying:

  • Stronger muscles.
  • Greater endurance.
  • Fewer signs of aging.
  • Enhanced energy.
  • Greater vitality.
  • Enhanced memory and focus.

The best NAD supplement you can buy is our easy-to-use Total Recovery Topical Patch. All you have to do is wear this patch every day. It’s comfortable, invisible and totally convenient.

Don’t Miss Out on the Best NAD Supplement Available

Don’t miss out on a chance to look and feel your best and add years to your life. Our PatchMD NAD Supplement will get you started on a lifetime of renewed vigor.

Benefits of Collagen – All in a New Topical Patch

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When it comes to personal health, the benefits of collagen are unrivaled. The new wonder-supplement has both health and beauty experts excited about its many advantages for people of all ages and genders. While collagen is naturally occurring in the body, this supplement will help optimize your collagen levels for added health benefits.

Starting in our 20’s we begin losing about 1% of the collagen in our bodies every year.  As we age, our body’s natural ability to produce natural collagen declines and many will look to supplements to yield the many benefits of collagen. 

Collagen supplements are perfect for those looking for an easy way to improve their beauty routine while also boosting their overall health and wellness. Reaping these benefits doesn’t require expensive treatments or doctors. Collagen is found in bone broth or one can add collagen peptides to your morning coffee.  You can also get your daily dose of collagen now in the form of a topical patch.  


What Is Collagen?

Collagen is a staple in the health community. It is a beauty product and a health product. Most importantly, collagen is a protein. It is the protein most abundant within the human body. This protein helps to create and strengthen skin, tendons, ligaments, and muscles. Studies show that increasing the collagen intake in your body can have massive health benefits.

There are four types of collagen. Each type has different impacts on your health and beauty.


Type I

The majority of collagen in your body falls under Type 1. It supports the structure in parts of the body like the teeth and connective tissue, as well as bones, skin, and more.


Type II

This collagen is looser than the dense Type I collagen. It is part of what supports the elasticity of cartilage between joints.


Type III

This collagen type is integral to the structure of organs and muscles.


Type IV

Unlike the structure-holding Type I or III, and the elasticity of Type II, Type IV collagen is part of the body’s filtration system, embedded within the layers of your skin.


Other Types

Other types of collagen exist, but they are less impactful on the body than the four previously mentioned. 

Your body produces collagen by combining glycine and proline, which are both amino acids, with the help of vitamin C. Increasing the intake of these ingredients can help increase collagen production.


Why Use Supplements?

If your body is already producing collagen in a large abundance, why do you need to buy supplements? 

As you age, collagen production decreases. The protein you can produce is of lower quality and less helpful for strengthening structures, filtering, and cushioning joints. This diminished quality is visible, and you can feel it internally, as well. 

Because of this natural decline in production, collagen supplements are useful to substantiate protein production even as your body slows down with age.


How Collagen Supplements Impact Health

Taking collagen supplements to boost your body’s natural levels helps more than just a few organs. Here are some of the most noticeable changes in beauty and health that are collagen benefits.

Skin and Nails Health

As mentioned above, collagen, particularly Type IV, resides in the layers of your skin and nails. For this reason, taking a supplement can perform almost miraculous anti-aging effects. It can also help heal damaged skin by improving moisture and elasticity. The power of collagen can reduce the appearance of:


  • Wrinkles
  • Lines
  • Dryness
  • Discoloration
  • Stiffness
  • Acne (in some cases)


Studies published in skin Pharmacology and Physiology show that not only does it generate healthier skin, but it also boosts healthier-looking skin. Both men and women find a boost in confidence when they can feel good in their skin.


Joint Health

Joints are a major cause of pain and discomfort for those with injuries, or for those experiencing aging. Damaged or inflamed joints also can prevent the full range of mobility, and they are incredibly easy to injure.

Collagen supplements reduce the impact of aging on joints and cartilage. Typically, as a person ages, their joints wear down from use. Taking collagen can boost your joint health. It can even assist those dealing with osteoporosis and low bone density. 

Above all else, collagen reduces joint pain, which can be life-changing for anyone dealing with chronic pain or injury.


Muscle Mass

Exercise enthusiasts enjoy the collagen’s ability to help with muscle growth aside from working out at the gym. Adding a dose of collagen to your diet plan drastically increases your muscle mass gains from a workout because collagen is a protein. Proteins are what your body uses to grow muscles and for connective tissue.  Thus, collagen can be an effective aid to help lose weight due to increases in muscle mass.


Gut Health

Poor gut health can cause pain, discomfort, and stress. Collagen supplements can help repair gut health and strengthen the structure of digestive organs. 

The protein also helps to prevent and protect against leaky gut syndrome, which refers to damage to the lining of the gut and digestive tract. Amino acids that make up the protein can improve the strength of the lining, reducing the impact of symptoms that cause leaky gut.

Also, collagen facilitates the absorption of nutrients in the body, which strengthens the gut wall and makes it less permeable. It is anti-inflammatory and reduces the risk of digestive conditions like IBS or inflammatory bowel disease. 

As you age, your gut health can quickly decline. Collagen halts the damages caused by this aging process.


Hair Health

The reason collagen has a strong impact on the health of your hair is because hair consists of protein. Specifically, hair contains the protein keratin. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, meaning that taking collagen (which consists of amino acids) can help strengthen the protein keratin by providing essential amino acids.

The effects of collagen can prevent damage to your hair follicles. Conditions like stress, smoking, a poor diet, and alcohol can lead to damaged follicles. Supplements prevent this damage by serving as a source of antioxidants that fight off these other factors, known as “free radicals.”

As you age, your hair begins to thin. Collagen can even combat thinning. It does this by strengthening the layer of skin that holds the roots of your hair. 

With aging also comes graying. Antioxidants from collagen can help offset this as well by helping your hair to retain pigment.


Bone Strength

Age doesn’t just impact the outer appearance of your body. Many of its more difficult impacts target organs and body parts like your bones. 

The inner structure of your body weakens with age, causing bone loss, especially as your collagen production decreases over time. One study shows that taking a supplement will prevent bone loss and conditions like osteoporosis, which occur as a result of bone loss.

Improved bone density means you get to be more active, feel less pain, and regain quality of life free from discomfort and aches.


Heart Health

Cardiovascular health is perhaps the most serious health consideration as you age. An unhealthy heart has health effects like bad cholesterol, heart attacks, and heart diseases like atherosclerosis and arrhythmias.

Collagen promotes heart health by reducing artery stiffness and bad cholesterol levels (low-density lipoprotein levels). Several studies have shown these promising results. 

In one study, participants tested the effects of collagen supplements on heart health, and they came back with favorable results. 


Brain Health

Collagen impacts more than the body’s appearance and bone and cardiovascular function. It also affects one of the body’s largest organs, the brain. 

Your brain health can change with age, damage, and environmental factors. Collagen is be a preventative measure against mental disorders and diseases, as well as a way of improving mood and coping with the symptoms of mental illness or stress. 

The benefits of collagen for brain health lies in glycine, one of the amino acids that make up the protein.


Mental Illness and Brain Disease.

Collagen has been shown to protect neurons from Aβ toxicity. These proteins contribute to the development of Alzheimer’s disease, meaning that taking a supplement may indeed help protect against this disease.

Glycine itself has positive impacts on those who have schizophrenia as well. It has proven to mitigate symptoms and improve cognitive performance.


Aid for Sleep and Stress

Collagen is high and glyceine and studies have shown that increasing glycine intake can help you get to sleep easier. The amino acid formula helps people fall asleep faster and enjoy a greater quality of rest. This deeper sleep, in turn, promotes proper functioning during the day, as the brain has the proper amount of rest necessary for optimal use. 

Collagen also has shown to improve moods and reduce anxiety among users.


Collagen in Men vs Women

On average, men have a higher natural collagen density than women do. This means that when women begin to lose collagen as they age, supplements can cause more visible improvements with signs of aging. 

The internal impact is evident in both men and womens health, according to a study in the British Journal of Nutrition. Any person dealing with a dip in body or brain health as a result of a decrease in collagen production with age can benefit from adding supplements to the daily routine.


Collagen for Anti-Aging Benefits

As discussed above, many of the internal and external signs of aging are due to a depletion of collagen that occurs over time. Adding collagen back into your system, therefore, can help combat these symptoms of aging. Common uses of collagen as an anti-aging agent include prevention against:


  • Wrinkles
  • Hair loss
  • Graying hair
  • Alzheimer’s
  • Cardiovascular disease
  • Joint pain
  • Bone loss
  • Brittle nails
  • And more!

In the Journal of Medical Nutrition and Nutraceuticals, women using collagen saw a reduction in wrinkles as a result of the supplement.

Collagen for Pregnancy

All pregnant individuals should check with their specialist or physician before taking supplements. Collagen is a great way to promote your health and the health of the fetus as it grows. Type V collagen can help the placenta grow during pregnancy. Also, sleep aide benefits help to reduce stress, sickness, and restlessness during pregnancy. Collagen also has the power to influence:

  • Thyroid health
  • Metabolism
  • Blood sugar
  • Leaky gut
  • Stretch marks
  • Joint pain

Pregnancy can be a taxing process for women’s bodies and brains. The healing features of collagen supplements can help to reduce the impact of symptoms.


Using Collagen Supplements with Dietary Restrictions

Dietary restrictions can range from allergies to moral, ethical, or religious exclusions to weight loss or health-based diets. It is important to consider how these interact with collagen before taking the supplement. Rest assured, though; there are plenty of ways to add this powerful supplement to your routine no matter what your dietary restrictions may be.


The ketogenic diet uses the principle of a high-fat, low-carb diet to promote health benefits like higher energy and weight loss. If you are observing the keto diet, collagen supplements are fine to take, in moderation. 

Collagen is, above all else, a protein. Too much of it can bring you out of a ketogenic state and thereby halt fat-burning. The amino acids that make it up though can supplement your diet and help promote health and weight loss. You can take collagen supplements and still keep the perfect keto diet.


Vegan & Vegetarian

Most collagen supplements are not vegan. They directly use animal products to create a pill or powder. In recent years though, researchers have been able to create vegan alternatives to the supplement that take advantage of other sources of protein. Instead of animal products, these utilize yeast and bacteria.


The advantages of this vegan option include:

  • Less likely to cause allergic reactions
  • No animals are harmed in the production
  • Lower cost for customers
  • Allergies

Like any substance, it is possible to have allergies that interfere with your ability to take collagen supplements. If you think you may be having an allergic reaction to collagen, the most common symptoms are:

  • Bad taste in your mouth 
  • Heartburn
  • Fullness

Most of the time, these allergies are because someone is allergic to shellfish, fish, or eggs, and are using a supplement that utilizes these animal products in the making of the collagen supplement. Those with allergies can opt for vegan alternatives that eliminate the use of animal products. 

This way, they won’t have any ingredients that could trigger a typical animal product protein-based allergy. Collagen truly is accessible to all.

How Do You Take Collagen Supplements?

Finding youthful rejuvenation and relief from pain doesn’t have to come from expensive treatments, physical therapy, or other time-consuming methods. Improving your daily health can be as simple as taking one pill in the mornings with breakfast. This is the magic of collagen supplements. Collagen can come in many forms. It is:

  • Naturally produced by the body
  • Introduced to the system through foods like fish, eggs, chicken, beans, dairy products, and beef
  • Taken in the form of a pill or powder
  • Taken in the form of a topical patch

You can take oral doses in powder form mixed in with smoothies and shakes, or even soups and other foods. Pills are perfect to take on the way to work in the morning, or to take before bed. If you’re using collagen to help increase muscle gain from working out, try adding some powder to your protein shake before a workout. 

People with simple healthy routines enjoy how simple it is to take a pill or put the powder in your foods. You get the benefit of better health without having to undertake costly or time-consuming habits.

Be sure to read the dosage instructions on whatever form of medically reviewed collagen supplement you take. There may be a difference between pills, powders, and other forms that mean taking more or less than usual. You should always be able to find the dosage on the back of the bottle or container.


Try Collagen Supplementation to Boost Your Health

It’s easy to obtain collagen to help you heal, boost health, and reduce symptoms of aging. These proteins are available in many stores over the counter, or in an online shop to be delivered right to your door.   There is no need for shots or injections, you can get your daily dose from a convenient patch to be worn for 8 hours.

You don’t need a prescription from a doctor to start seeing the ample health benefits of collagen in your daily life. This substance’s accessibility is part of what makes it such a valuable health resource.

Whatever your source of supplements is, you’ll feel like you’re back to being young again once you start introducing a dose each day to your health routine. Doctors and researchers continue to note the miraculous changes that people of all ages, genders, and conditions see in their physical and mental health. Try collagen today and see how it benefits your body!


NAD+ What it is and Why it Matters for your Health

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 Research into NAD+ has exploded in recent years as awareness of its unique health benefits has grown. NAD+ has been described as the ‘fountain of youth’ thanks to its anti-aging properties and reversal of DNA damage. Scientific research also suggests that increasing cellular levels of NAD+ can help to improve our overall health in a number of ways. So, what is NAD+ and how does it work? In this article, we discuss its varied roles within the human body and why it matters for our health.


What is NAD+?

NAD+ is short for ‘nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide’. It’s an important coenzyme in the biological reactions that happen inside living cells. It is fundamental to life as it’s involved in processes that are essential to all of us, like converting food into useable energy, regulating our sleep cycle, and maintaining healthy DNA.

Anyone who studies biology will come across NAD+ at some point. It’s central to our metabolism as it plays a pivotal role in transforming nutrients into energy. Without NAD+, we wouldn’t be able to do all the everyday activities that we take for granted, like moving and breathing.

In addition to its metabolic role, NAD+ is also involved in a range of other functions. It works alongside cellular proteins to maintain our health, particularly in stress situations. In this role it helps to preserve the integrity of our DNA, regulates circadian rhythms allowing us to rest and renew ourselves, and ensures high-quality protein production elsewhere in the body. Since our bodies are predominantly made of proteins and water, it’s important that their production is carefully managed.


What Does NAD+ Do?

NAD+ plays several specific roles in the human body. It’s involved in every level of our health, from genes to organs and everything in between. Here is an overview of some of its main functions;


  •         DNA – NAD supports the systems that fix DNA errors before they lead to bigger problems.
  •         Energy – NAD is a vital cog in the energy production process that facilitates everything we do.
  •         Circadian Rhythm – Involves NAD to regulate our sleep and wake cycle, allowing our bodies to restore and renew themselves.
  •         Genes – Our genes are constantly expressed (turned on and off) as we adapt to different conditions and require NAD+ to do this.
  •         Sirtuin Proteins – sirtuin activity (specifically sirt1 activity) maintains cell homeostasis under stressful conditions and require NAD+ to function.
  •         Protein Responses – NAD ensures that proteins fold into their correct shapes so that they can function appropriately.
  •         Liver – NAD is involved in metabolic activity like maintaining blood sugar levels and breaking down fats.
  •         Calcium Signaling – Depends on NAD for cell growth, muscle contraction, and neurotransmission.
  •         Stem Cells – Rely on NAD to ensure adequate support of internal organs.

As you can see from this list, NAD has a part in many different aspects of our health. Yet interest in this coenzyme has only recently increased. The more we learn about its varied role in the human body, the more its importance to our health and longevity is becoming apparent.  


Why is NAD+ Important for your Health?

We know that NAD+ is important for our DNA, energy, protein activity, and numerous other biological processes, but what does this mean in real terms? How do these things affect our health and how we feel on a day-to-day basis? And can it really provide anti-aging benefits? Well, these seemingly small reactions can have big results. Low levels of NAD have been linked with a variety of physical and mental health issues, including chronic fatigue, a weakened immune system, depression, and anxiety. A lack of NAD+ is also associated with headaches, sleep problems, memory disturbance, and an inability to focus. Alcohol and drug addiction have even been linked with NAD+ deficiency. In fact, it has been suggested that low NAD+ may be an unrecognized epidemic of cellular disease.

Chronic Fatigue

A reduced form of NAD+ is a common supplement for people with chronic fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia. Chronic fatigue syndrome is a debilitating illness with symptoms that include prolonged exhaustion, yet its precise cause is unknown. A treatment that is universally effective has yet to be developed, however NAD+ has been shown to reduce symptoms. One study of 73 patients showed that those who took NAD supplements reported a significant improvement in fatigue levels. Their bloodwork showed that cellular NAD and ATP levels (which is used for energy) had been increased. This shows that the supplements had been successfully absorbed and proved effective at a microscopic cellular level.

Weakened Immune System

The immune system requires NAD+ to function well. The more there is available, the better your immune system will work. Conversely, low levels of NAD+ can suppress your immune system and prevent your white blood cells from working as they should. The coenzyme is involved in the creation of signalling molecules called interleukines, without which your immune system has a hard time coordinating its efforts. So, supplementing with NAD+ may give your immune system a boost and make you less susceptible to illnesses.


Almost 7% of people in the USA are suffering with depression at any one time. According to the World Health Organization, over 300 million people experience it worldwide. Depression is a multi-faceted issue with many possible triggers, however dopamine can counteract some of the depressive feelings. NAD+ stimulates dopamine production, which is responsible for lifting mood among other roles. However, if NAD+ levels are low, then the brain can’t produce sufficient amounts of dopamine. Therefore, ensuring adequate NAD+ levels can help to protect against some types of depression.


 Clinical trials of NAD have shown it to work in a similar way to some anti-anxiety drugs. Some of its benefits may be due to the increased vasodilation it causes which improves blood flow to the brain. It may also influence the production of neurotransmitters which are known to affect the degree of anxiety (as well as depression). Animal studies have shown that NAD+ and vitamin B6 deficiency can reduce how the central nervous system functions. However, supplementation can reverse these symptoms and reduce anxiety that’s been caused by nutrient deficiency.


 People who suffer from headaches and migraines usually reach for painkillers (or other medications that dull the nerve responses). NAD+ and B-vitamins can provide an effective alternative without the questionable chemical properties. Studies have shown that these substances can increase the dilation of blood vessels and improve the ability of cells to metabolize energy. This means that NAD+ can have beneficial effects for people experiencing migraines and tension or stress-related headaches.

 Sleep Problems

 If you’re having sleep problems, then it may be down to an issue with your circadian clock. This internal timer is responsible for making you fall asleep and stay asleep throughout the night. Yet it can be undermined by any number of factors, such as changes to daylight savings times or blue light from smartphones and laptops.

 NAD+ plays a key role in maintaining the rhythm of your circadian clock. In addition to helping you sleep well and feel rested, this also allows your body more time to recuperate from the stresses of the day. Adequate sleep enables your body to renew itself overnight so that your overall health is improved.


Memory Disturbance

 NAD+ is involved in numerous biological processes in the brain, including learning and memory. Nutrient deficiencies can have a marked effect on memory, particularly B-vitamins which are involved in the production and maintenance of brain neurons. Supplementing with NAD+ and B-vitamins has been shown to partially protected against memory loss in mice. It’s thought that NAD+ may hold one key to the prevention and treatment of neurological conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.


Inability to Focus or Concentrate

 We often put a lack of focus or concentration down to boredom. We think that if we just try really hard we’ll be able to concentrate at work or on our studies. But sometimes our lack of focus has nothing to do with the subject matter, it’s caused by a nutritional deficiency. A lack of various B-vitamins can hold our brains back from concentrating on one thing. Because NAD has powerful brain-boosting effects, it’s also been linked with improving focus and concentration. That’s one of the many reasons that we combine NAD+ and a range of B-vitamins in our NAD Total Recovery Topical Patch.  


Alcohol and Drug Addiction

 Sustained alcohol and drug addiction can damage the brain over time. As well as being detrimental to brain cells, substance misuse can negatively affect the production of serotonin, dopamine, and noradrenaline. NAD+ can stimulate the production of these hormones which helps to rebalance the body’s systems. It has also been linked with repair of brain cells which may have been affected by years of alcohol addiction. Although NAD won’t cure the addiction, it can help to reverse some of the physical damage that’s caused by it.


Anti-Aging Benefits of NAD+

 Much of the recent excitement around NAD+ has been in relation to its potential anti-aging properties. As we get older, our NAD+ levels slowly decrease. This means that our bodies aren’t as good at repairing damaged DNA, replacing brain cells, creating new proteins, or producing energy. It’s thought that if we could maintain our levels of NAD+ throughout our lifespan, then our bodies would age more healthily. It’s even been suggested that supplementing with NAD+ or NAD precursors may prolong both our health span and life span. After all, what’s the point in getting older if we’re not healthy enough to really enjoy it?

 As we age, the mitochondria or ‘powerhouses’ of our cells begin to decrease in function. There now appears to be a link between NAD+, the sirtuin proteins that we discussed previously, and mitochondrial function. In scientific studies involving worms, scientists were able to increase their life span by activating some of these protein (which rely on NAD+ to function).

 A thorough review of research studies found that decreased NAD+ concentrations contribute to both the aging process and chronic diseases of aging. The results also support NAD+ supplementation to protect against aging and age-related conditions (like neurodegenerative or heart diseases). If we consistently increase NAD levels, we may be able to stave off the aging process and feel younger for longer.

 Close relations of NAD+ called nicotinamide mononucleotide and nicotinamide riboside have also been specifically associated with healthy aging. More research is currently underway to understand the other potential anti-aging benefits of these substances and whether their properties can be harnessed in supplement form too. Although these claims haven’t yet been approved by the food and drug administration, the research into the health benefits certainly looks promising.


NAD+ Summary

 NAD+ plays a role in every cell within our body. It helps to fix DNA errors before they snowball into bigger problems and manages our genes in response to changing conditions. It plays a vital role in energy production that is essential to everything we do. NAD+ supports our circadian rhythms, enabling our bodies to restore and renew themselves through good quality sleep. It also helps to control protein activity to maintain homeostasis and correct functioning.

 Supplementing with NAD may help you prevent chronic fatigue and avoid a weakened immune system. In combination with professional guidance, it may be beneficial for those with depression or anxiety. It may also help to ward off headaches, sleep problems, memory problems, or concentration issues. Why not try it out for yourself and see how NAD can benefit your own health?

NAD+ Patch Supplements

Our NAD Total Recovery Topical Patch supports your body with a high dose of vitamin C, B1, B3, B6, biotin, and NAD total recovery complex. It can boost NAD levels along with other key nutrients, so that your body can function at its very best. Patches allow for better absorption of vitamins and avoid any digestive discomfort or side effects that can sometimes arise from tablets. Each pack contains a 30-day supply of patches, which can be worn while you sleep or go about your daily routine.


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