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B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

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B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

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(139 customer reviews)
  • May Boost Energy and Stamina
  • May Release Antioxidants in the Body
  • May Reduce Anxiety and Irritability
  • May Provide Results in Minutes, May Last for Hours

Availability: In Stock


  • Supports brain health & function
  • Non-stimulant
  • stimulate your brain health
  • powerful antioxidant

How do you take your vitamins?


Product Description

Vitamin B12 is an essential B vitamin that’s required for many bodily functions, including energy production, carbohydrate metabolism and formation of healthy red blood cells. The additional B vitamins perform a unique role in maintaining proper metabolic functioning, while nutritionally supporting the body during the stress of daily living. In addition, these vitamins play a necessary role in supporting cardiovascular health, the promotion of a healthy nervous system and support normal muscle function.*

  • May Boost Energy and Stamina
  • May Release Antioxidants in the Body
  • May Reduce Anxiety and Irritability
  • May Provide Results in Minutes, May Last for Hours
  • NO Sugar Crash, NO Sodium
  • May Restore Mental Clarity, MayImprove Memory
  • Safe, Easy and Convenient to Use

The B12 Energy Topical Patch is the best natural method of boosting energy, focusing attention and reducing anxiety without the burden of pills or injections.

For many decades, physicians and health experts have touted the benefits of Vitamin B12 to boost energy while creating a natural sense of well-being. With the slow release technology of a topical patch, we provide you with 24-hour access to this positive source of health. The B12 Energy Patch is a safe, effective and inexpensive alternative to prescription injections and oral supplements. In addition, our effective delivery system avoids the negative absorption issues of these other methods. Utlizing a patch delivery system, you can also help avoid a deficiency in this super vitamin.

Please try the B12 Energy Patch today and discover this natural source of energy for yourself. After all, what do you have to lose except pain and discomfort? Your freedom is one step away.

PatchMD products are Latex, Lactose., Gluten and Sugar-free

ALL PATCH ORDERS INCLUDE 30 PATCHES (30-DAY SUPPLY) and 100% Moneyback Guarantee


Apply patch daily to an area with little or no hair, i.e., shoulder, back or hip. For best results, it is recommended to wear PatchMD patches for 8 hours. There is no additional benefit wearing the patch longer than 8 hours. Patches can be worn during sleep. Avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area as it will inhibit absorption. Patch is not waterproof. It is ok to wear multiple patches at a time. It is not recommended to wear B12 Energy Plus at night as it may keep you awake.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Additional information

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139 reviews for B12 Energy Plus Patch (30-Day Supply)

  1. Cheryl G

    Love it, put it on and go. I can feel a difference in my energy level when I forget to put it on. Great product!

  2. Julie Nord

    This is my first time buying and using these patches. I think they’re amazing! I’m off coffee and feeling a bit slow in the morning so these B12’s are working out great!!! I will be ordering more.

  3. Quafieca Townsend

    Love this item . There’s no taste , smell, or swallowing . Very easy to use, takes the guess work completely out the picture. I decided to try it any I’m glad I did. I’m sticking with This product . Lol Thank you patch md

  4. Dotti Longobardi

    Knowing that I can just put a patch on everyday and not put a pill in my mouth is wonderful! I love it! I have energy that is stabilized and lasts throughout the day!

  5. Virginia Strom

    My vit B’s were a ” hit or miss” in the past. Now there is No concern if I’m getting enough. My energy levels are up and I’m feeling great! TRY IT IT’S worth every penny.

  6. Ronna Bixby

    My surgery was 5/28/15, and I’ve lost 125 lbs. I immediately realized my stomach was too full taking all the supplements. I contacted the Mayo clinic and patchmd was the first suggestion made. Immediately after I began taking their supplements but I had problems with the company when ordering directly. So, now I am ordering through Bariatric pal… and so far, so good!

  7. Shannon Pierron

    I had Gastric Bypass surgery 3 years ago and have had many complications. I have a very small absorption rate, therefore, I have a hard time absorbing food, liquids and vitamins. I was taking 3 very large multi-vitamins, vitamin D and B-12 daily in addition to the 14 other meds I have to take twice daily. These patches are so much easier! No more large nasty smelling or tasting pills to take. Every morning when I get up, I go straight to the restroom and change my patches. It’s now a routine for me. I will have my labs run next week and will see if they’ve made a difference in my vitamin levels. I don’t think I’ve been on them long enough to feel a huge difference, but I’ve noticed I’m not napping daily like I was. I plan to add the vitamin D patch and the iron patch when I have extra money to spend. The only negative thing I can say about the patches is the price. For me to get what I need, it will cost me over $80/month. I’m disabled and just can’t afford all of them right now.

  8. Brenda Aldridge

    Very easy to apply and remove. Like the concept of getting a little over an 8 hour period. I can give myself an injection once a month but this is much easier for me personally.

  9. Wendy Ward

    Feeling more productive and energized since wearing the B12 patch.

  10. Ivy Jay Seldin

    This is my first month trying this vitamin patch. I am hoping that it works, since it is much more convenient that taking several pills everyday. If my next bloodwork comes back ok, than I guess the patch works, and I will order this every month.

  11. Jami Byrd

    I’ve been shopping around for extra-strength vitamins for the past few months after becoming aware of a deficiency. I had gastric bypass in 2010 and, being young and feeling relatively well, I neglected to start a daily regimen as directed. Well…. Almost 7 yrs later I’m suffering the consequences. It’s effecting everything from energy to fertility!!! Long story short.. I realize it’s not an extra strength supplement I need; it’s an extra efficient delivery system to my bloodstream that was needed!!! That’s when I found PatchMd vitamins, especially B-12. It’s waaay easier and less expensive than going to my doctor for the B-12 shots, and the patch actually stays in place all day. I love it. (I also brought the multivitamin patch, and I will be purchasing the omegas and possibly the anti-aging as well!) Just trying to ‘patch’ my life back together again! Lolol

  12. Susan Armoni

    These are wonderful. They make taking in enough nutrients much easier. The MD products are superior to others I’ve tried. I highly recommend all the vitamin patches.

  13. Faith King

    I love these patches. I’m so tired of taking pills and these work great!! I highly recommend them.

  14. Michael Meilinger

    You can immediately feel the effectiveness of the Patch MD B12 patch vs oral or sublingual tablets. The superiority of this delivery method is easiest to gauge because the increased energy level is evident.


    I had RNY surgery in 2010 & have struggled to with taking all of my needed vitamins. The chewable vitamins are chalky or gritty. The swallowable ones feel like I’ve got a rock sitting in my stomach. I can’t tell you the number of bottles I have sitting in my bathroom closet! I refused to take them. A coworker told me about PatchMD vitamins. So, I purchased the Iron, B12, Multi-Vitamin & Calcium patches. I’ve only been using them a week. They are kind of hard to peel off the piece of plastic, but once you get the hang of it – it’s easy. I can’t remember if the are latex-free – sorry! Just rub your thumb across the side of the patch. Apply the patch to your upper arm or hip – where there is no hair. You wear it for 8 hours. You can wear the Iron & Calcium patches at the same time. I wear 2 patches on each shoulder – Iron & B12 on the left and Calcium & Multi-Vitamin on the right. Like I said, I’ve only been wearing the patches 1 week – so I don’t know my lab #s.

  16. Kimberly Lowell

    I wasn’t sure about trying the multivitamin patch and the vitamin B patch, I read a lot of reviews and decided to try it, after a couple weeks of wearing the patches I had my lab work done, my results came back and my vitmain levels were really good. I will definitely be ordering more!

  17. laura collins

    Love the idea of a patch.

  18. Alicia Wilson

    Love the entire concept of vitamin patches! Specifically love the B12 Energy Plus Combo. No caffeine crash, just steady energy throughout the day without the wait in line at my local baristas. Easy to apply and it works!. Had a full blood workup and passed using the patches – this is my new go to source for vitamins and supplements.

  19. Jami Dauphin

    Patches came as promised. Easy to use…..a much needed break from chewing the big monster chalk tablets!

  20. Judy Shannon

    Labs look great! Couldn’t be happier!


    No more pills!!! I love these patches. I wish I’d found them long ago!

  22. Amy Haertling

    I can really tell a difference! So glad I found these patches!

  23. Vanessa Lane

    It seems to be helping my energy level. I have labs done in two more weeks, so I am excited to see the results…


    Easy to use-Energy

  25. Monica Princeton

    Love the patch easy to use, my energy level has increased! Thank you!

  26. Rosario Hernandrz

    Love these patches! So easy to use. . Feeling the energy!

  27. Shanna Klunk

    I am very negligent about taking pills-I have always had a hard time choking them down. I’m a week into using the patches and haven’t missed a day yet, a vast improvement for me. No skin irritation, the patches stay on just fine and painlessly peel off.

  28. April Arnold

    I’ve tried almost all of the patches in the Patch MD line. They’re a great alternative to having to swallow pills or not so great tasting liquids or chewables. I’ve loved all of the products and will continue to use them. I’m looking forward to my next doctors appointment so I can verify that my levels are still good since switching to all patch supplements. (VSG)

  29. Deborah Heck

    I had the Rouen-y 9 years ago and have been diligently taking my supplements ever since! I was so tired of all the pills everyday! This patch product delivers the punch and it’s so easy to use!

  30. Jeffrey

    The B12 Energy Plus Topical Patch really works. I can feel the boost of energy all day long.

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