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Numerous studies have shown vitamin D levels may lower the risk several conditions ranging from depression to various cancers. The connection between vitamin D deficiency and cancer was first made by doctors Frank and Cedric Garland of the University of California, San Diego. After finding that evidence of colon cancer was nearly 3 times higher in New York than it was in New Mexico, the Garland Brothers hypothesized lack of sun exposure (resulting in lack of vitamin D) played a role. Observational studies found risk of breast cancer and rectal cancer falls as vitamin D blood levels rise.

In a recent article written in prevention Magazine December 2010 wrote; it is estimated that 70% of American women don’t get enough vitamin D. The best way to get vitamin D is from sunlight, but for years we’ve been told to fear the sun and avoid it or wear sunscreen which depletes our body’s ability to make vitamin D. The further north one lives the deficiency gets worse. In fact public health experts and leading universities called vitamin D the most widely deficient nutrient in the northern hemisphere.

Risk factors; the most commonly recognized risk factors for cancer are: Environmental toxins, Smoking, Alcohol consumption, Obesity and lack of exercise.

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