Digestion can often limit a body’ s ability to absorb vitamins, reducing the value of nutrition. Patch MD offers an effective alternative to digestion as a delivery system for vitamins and minerals to help improve your nutrition.

Recently, the Mayo Clinic validated this idea when they described how gastric bypass surgery for weight-loss can lead directly to vitamin and nutrient deficiency. With the digestive system’s absorption ability impaired, the individual must find a new way to guarantee good nutrition.

Since the digestive system can be problematic with both food and vitamins in regards to nutrition. The Vitamin Topical Patches of Patch MD could be the answer that is needed.

In response to a letter, the Mayo Clinic recently described how Bariatric (weight-loss through a gastric bypass) surgery can lead directly to a vitamin and nutrient deficiency by limiting the digestive system’s absorption ability. Although the writer was taking 200 milligrams of calcium and vitamin D daily, they were having trouble healing. After six months, their broken foot remained damaged and not even close to being fully healed. The writer wanted to know what they could do to build back their bones.

In response, the Mayo Clinic explained that their condition was not uncommon after gastric bypass surgery. Since gastric bypass surgery limits the amount of food a person can eat and digest, gastric bypass limits absorption of food, including vitamins and minerals. If you have had weight-loss surgery, you could need an alternative and more effective delivery method for vitamins and minerals. Luckily, Patch MD has an answer that can work both for the letter writer and you as well.

The Vitamin D/Calcium Topical Patch offers the healthy benefits of Vitamin D without the dangers of the sun’s ultraviolet rays. Since adequate sun exposure is not always easy or safe, the Vitamin D/Calcium Topical Patch allows you to overcome the Vitamin D deficiency that plagues a large segment of the population. For decades, physicians have been promoting the healthy benefits of Vitamin D. A natural organic compound, Vitamin D helps the body to properly absorb calcium.

By engineering the patch as a dynamic combination of both Vitamin D and Calcium, PatchMD gives you the best of both worlds. When applied as a supplement with the Vitamin D, Calcium helps promote healthy bone growth and maintenance. By combining Calcium with our cutting edge delivery system, PatchMD provides the natural benefits without the burden of ingestion. Through the process of real absorption, the Calcium and the Vitamin D are allowed to take full effect and to work as needed.

In addition, Patch MD offers a synergy of patch offerings to help benefit diet and nutrition. Beyond even gastric bypass surgery, a majority of weight loss methods and drugs can damage the body’s ability to absorb vitamins and nutrients. If you need a more effective delivery method that avoids the stomach and digestive system, Patch MD’s patch technology is what you have been looking for to help improve your nutrition and the health of yourself and your family.