PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch can be a key tool in helping weary travelers avoid and overcome jet lag. A satisfied client sent us an account of her personal experience using the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch. A Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Tina wrote to us about her experience with the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch upon returning from a trip to India:

“I’ve taken other Melatonin supplements before, but none like yours. I recently took a trip from Los Angeles to Delhi, India and was very jet lagged. I put the patch on and within the hour was sleeping like a baby. I was amazed how great and well rested I felt the next morning. I was ready to face the day with an incredible amount of energy. I highly recommend this product!”

Melatonin is your body’s natural sleep aid medication, a hormone in the brain. This hormone is released in increased amounts as night approaches to make you drowsy. The synthetic version of this brain chemical as used in PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch can be used to prevent and recover from jet lag.

Taking Melatonin to combat Jet Lag is proving to be the safest way to handle the “curse” of traveling between time zones. It is intriguing that the fictional Melatonin success experienced by Samantha (Kim Cattrall) in Sex And The City II when she traveled to Dubai was mirrored so closely by the real-life experience of Tina, Patch MD’s satisfied client, when she traveled to India.

Jet lag can give your brain the impression that it is time to go work when it is actually time to sleep. Different people have different symptoms but the most common symptoms are grogginess, digestive problems, headaches, irregular sleep patterns, and temporary insomnia to mention just a few. Melatonin does not eliminate jet lag; it merely reduces it and speeds up the rate at which your body adjusts to the new time zone. With the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch Sleep Aid, your body uses the amount of Melatonin that it needs while avoiding the hazards of an upset stomach caused by the digestive process.

A recent study was conducted on a group of individuals who traveled regularly between Australia and the United Kingdom. Half of them were administered Melatonin after arrival and the other half the group were given another type of sleep enhancer. The results showed that members of the group given Melatonin reported much lower levels of exhaustion and found that their normal sleeping pattern returned quite quickly.

Like our client Tina reported about PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch: “I put the patch on and within the hour was sleeping like a baby. I was amazed how great and well rested I felt the next morning.” If you want to avoid Jet Lag and improve your body’s ability to recover from those long plane flights, please use PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch. After all, what do you have to lose except those restless nights and those weary days?