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GGuadalupe Cox
Easy to use but there's no way to see if they work without a blood test
PPretti Eyed Dimplez
If you cant swallow pills, and need to consume all of your vitamins, then this is the best product for you.Wearable up to 8 hours.I didn't have any irritation. I've been using them for over 6 years now.Great for barbaric patients.
I am severely anemic, pills don't work for me.So i was shocked these worked!I haven't got my levels retested but i also haven't needed an iron transfusion. GET THIS.
Great for maintaining your iron, I've noticed a difference in as little as two day. The stool might be black or very dark color thats normal. It sticks well just make sure there is little to no hair before attaching it.
My husband and I absolutely love these!
I used these patches to catch up on my iron, and they helped
KKelly Blazek
My fiancé just started the patches and doesn’t feel any difference at all. Waiting to see if there are good results!!!
mmichelle loya
I won’t lie, I have untreated adhd. I have tried a few different supplements that did absolutely nothing for me. This actually worked. No jitters, no amped up feeling. I actually have been getting my work done and mentally feel better!
AAmazon Customer
I’m reluctant to put anything in or in my body. Once I realized the hot flashes were getting worse, I panicked. I found this product and out a patch on as soon as I got it in the mail. It works!!! I was so surprised and also relieved. It helps with reducing the amount of hot flashes I have. I’m also sleeping happily and comfortably through the night.
Works as advertised, I am shocked at the results.

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