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DDennis C.
“What I love about the Sleep Starter Patch … I haven’t slept this well in years!”
PA Weight Loss Surgery Patient
“Using PatchMD patches has improved my blood work!”
DDr. Dorodny, MD, ND, PhD, MPH
“PatchMD … is much more effective because it provides slow, sustained release over the course of a day …”
SStacy S.
“You just got to try it to believe it … Once you have tried it, you will not go back to anything else because patch technology is the best.”
T Tina P.
“I especially love the B12 Energy Pack … for its constant boost all day long … without the side effects of caffeine.”
D Deborah P.
“I started using Glucosamine/Chondrotin Topical Patch … It really works … I love it … I will never go back to pills again.”
PPolly M.
“I can’t take pills … They give me a bad taste in my mouth … The idea of putting on the Sleep Starter Patch and being able to sleep through the night [is] great for me.”
WWarren S.
“I took B12 shots to help with energy for years. It was expensive, time-consuming and not pleasant. Now I apply one B12 Energy Plus Patch a day and my energy level is fantastic.”
C Carol P.
“I began using your Garcinia Patches almost one month ago. All I can say is awesome. I have been steadily losing weight with no side effects. I have had panic and anxiety for about 15 years. Of course getting older puts the weight on you, and nothing I used before your product ever worked for me. In addition, other products had reactions with my daily medicine, or they caused anxiety and nervousness. So I just want to say I feel great, and I’m losing weight WITHOUT dieting. Thank you for a product to help people like me lose weight easily without the nasty side effects. God bless!”
MMarc D, Fort Lauderdale, FL
“I just wanted to say how much I adore my Omega3 patch. I have been using them for over 4 months now, and at my recent Dr. visit my tri’s were down in the same way as when I was taking the Rx version. I have been recommending your products to all my friends.”
JJenny Roetheli
I was skeptical about this, but it works! I have tried different iron pills that make me sick and even tried cow based supplements, but I still always had very low iron. I finally tried this and my bloodwork showed a drastic increase in my ferritin levels after just two months!
KKim Runyon
These work for me! I do notice when I forget to wear this patch and the nighttime patch consistently, I have more hot flashes than normal. I maybe will get one a day when I wear them regularly. So glad they are working for me!
I noticed my skin looking better, including the skin on my feet were softer and I think it helps my moods too after a month and a half. I put it on my hip before going to sleep. Used to place on shoulder but it caused some discoloration. Oddly enough, have no issues w/the skin on my hips. Good product, will see if it the good continue w/daily use.
Trimag really helps me relax and unwind after work. I fall asleep easily and stay asleep.
KKeyur Patel
good product
LLisa Watkins
My night sweats were so unbearable, I barely got any sleep. I bought these after trying oral supplements that barely worked. At first I wasn't getting any relief, so I did two patches and it worked instantly. I did two for about two weeks then went to one and it's been smooth sailing since. Definitely looking at other products ☺️
Since May using these patches I’m down 30lbs. Which is just amazing. I’m in my 40s. Btw Thanks so much
Repeat customer here! These really do lessen the severity of my hangover after a night out.
Repeat customer here! These really do lessen the severity of my hangover after a night out.
my focus and concentration has dramatically improved since using the patches. my anxiety has reduced some

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