Insomnia happens to everyone. People just like you who have trouble sleeping are increasingly turning to Melatonin for help. Melatonin, not Malatonin as it is often misspelled on the Internet, is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your brain. At night, the Melatonin released by your pineal gland causes your heart rate to slow down and your body temperature to drop. As a direct result, the physiological conditions are created that allow for a deep, restful sleep.

Sleep is crucial to our health; it allows our bodies to rest and refuel and gives the body’s cells a chance to repair and regenerate. Study upon study continues to show that people who don’t get adequate sleep are at increased risk for a myriad of health problems and illnesses including obesity, diabetes, immune-system dysfunction, as well as impaired job performance and productivity.

A Melatonin Patch used for sleep help is exactly what Samantha (Kim Cattrall) describes in Sex And The City II as a key to maintaining youth. When you use Melatonin as a supplement, it is essential to employ the dosage that works for you. Rather than taking a handful of pills, Patch MD believes you should allow your body to regulate the dosage through our easy-to-apply Patch technology.

When applied as a supplement through the Sleep Starter Melatonin Topical Patch for Sleep Help, Melatonin can promote a good night’s sleep, allowing the body to regulate the dosage taken. By combining Melatonin with our Topical Patch delivery system, PatchMD provides the natural benefits without the burden of pills and liquids. Through the patch process, Melatonin is allowed to take full effect and continue to work all night long as needed.

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