Sandra from Laguna Niguel, California has been using a variety of patches, including the B12 Energy Vitamin Patch and the PMS Night Relief Estro Patch. With enthusiasm, she has been letting her friends know about how well the patches work for her:

“I have been using patches for several months now, and I can’t stop talking about them with my friends. One of the main reasons I like them is I don’t have to take a bunch of vitamins. I especially like the fact that they are timed-release and I get the benefits throughout the day, especially from the B12. I can tell a major difference in my energy level throughout the day when I use the B12 patches versus the days I don’t. I’m also a big fan of the PMS Night Relief Estro Patch because it definitely helps me sleep. I don’t have to take a sleep aid at night to get the benefit of a full night’s sleep when I am on my period. A lot of my friends have started using the patches and are also seeing benefits in their energy levels. And for the women, the PMS and Menopause patches really help.”