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PMS Supplements - How to Ease the Symptoms Effectively

Posted by on 11/12/2018 to PMS Patch

PMS supplements can help to relieve the common symptoms that accompany menstrual cycles. Women with PMS (premenstrual syndrome) usually experience either physical or emotional symptoms in the days to weeks leading up to their period. These can cause severe discomfort and have a profound impact on everyday activities. However, some micronutrients can relieve these symptoms without the nasty side effects of pharmaceutical medications. In this article, we look at the common symptoms and which supplements are best for addressing them.

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Can Menopause Supplements Treat Menopause Symptoms Effectively?

Posted by on 11/9/2018

Taking menopause supplements is an increasingly popular alternative to hormone therapy. For women who experience troublesome menopause symptoms, adjusting their nutrient intake may help to rebalance hormone levels naturally. Although you may not think that hot flashes and night sweats are related to nutrition, there’s an interesting link between the hormones that cause them and your diet. In this article, we look at some common menopause symptoms along with supplements that can treat them effectively.

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