Rested and Ready To Go With PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch

Posted by on 5/30/2011 to Vitamin News
Sleep Starter

Deb from New York sent us an account of her experience with PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch. Since taking Melatonin in capsule form never seemed to work for her, she tried our Patch Technology and found that it works exactly as advertised.

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Positive Results from Both the B12 Energy Vitamin Patch And The PMS Night Relief Estro Patch

Posted by on 5/15/2011 to Vitamin News

Sandra from Laguna Niguel, California has been using a variety of patches, including the B12 Energy Vitamin Patch and the PMS Night Relief Estro Patch. With enthusiasm, she has been letting her friends know about how well the patches work for her.

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The Reality of PMS: PatchMD Supports Women and Rejects The PMS Is A Myth Propaganda

Posted by on 5/15/2011 to Vitamin News

Like men, women suffer from severe conditions that can inhibit their health and cause them tremendous difficulty in their daily lives. These physical difficulties like PMS are directly related to their physiological make up due to gender. The problem is that PMS is often referred to as a myth in the popular culture, furthering a damaging and negative perspective. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, however, is a medical reality and should never be referred to as a myth. It is a real and difficult medical condition that women experience on a monthly basis. Patch MD recognizes the challenges of PMS and rejects the PMS is a Myth propaganda. We support women and provide two specialty topical patches to address the symptoms of this challenging condition the PMS Day Relief Patch and the PMS Night Relief Patch.

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