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Can CoQ10 Extend Your Life Span?

Posted by on 7/13/2016 to CoQ10 Plus Patch

CoQ10 is well known for its heart and vascular health benefits. By helping the cellular powerhouses known as mitochondria burn fuel more effectively, CoQ10 is able to protect not only the heart but every cell in your body. That's why scientists are growing increasingly fascinated with the role of CoQ10 in tissues beyond the cardiovascular system. There is evidence for CoQ10's protective effects in the brain and nervous system, in asthma and chronic lung disease, in diabetes and the metabolic syndrome, on ocular health, and even on the aging immune system. Most excitingly, there's early support for the idea that CoQ10 supplementation can extend the life span of both primitive animals and mammals, laying the groundwork for a similar pro-longevity effect in humans.

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Human Studies Confirm Vitamin C’s Immune Benefits

Posted by on 7/13/2016 to Vitamin News

There is now copious evidence that Vitamin C benefits people with impaired immune function, whether that impairment is the result of disease or simply of aging. In patients with frequent skin infections, for example, who had known impairment in neutrophil tracking and killing of microorganisms, Vitamin C was as effective as a powerful immune-regulating drug, Levamisole, at improving neutrophil function and producing long-lasting remission. But unlike Levamisole, which produced severe side effects causing 8% of subjects to drop out of the study, no patients in the Vitamin C arm dropped out. Similar improvements in neutrophil function, and dramatic clinical recoveries, were seen in patients with recurrent furunculosis (boils), on a dose of 1,000 mg per day.

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Understanding the Benefits of BioCell® Collagen Found in PatchMD’s Keep Klear Patch

Posted by on 5/31/2016 to Keep Klear Patch

Most people look forward to living a long life. But it’s hard to find someone who isn’t concerned with the physical symptoms that come with aging, from wrinkles to joint pain. In fact, a recent study found that habitual sunbathers are more likely to kick their habit at the threat of wrinkles than that of cancer. And as Baby Boomers reach their golden years, many are looking for ways to maintain their youthful appearance and lifestyle without undergoing injections and other invasive procedures. Shoppers seeking to naturally promote antiaging from the inside out have an ally in the supplement aisle: BioCell® Collagen.

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Revolutionary Form of Vitamin B3 in PatchMD’s Anti-Aging Patch “Turns Off” Aging Genes

Posted by on 5/10/2016 to Vitamin News

Normal aging is accompanied by a noticeable increase in both mental and physical fatigue, along with a loss of motivation.The tiredness we outwardly feel reflects inward impairment of cellular functions critical to sustaining life. This is in part the result of reduced levels of a compound called NAD+,found in every cell in the body and essential to life.NAD+ enables the transfer of energy from the foods we eat to vital cell functionsand is required to turn “off” genes that accelerate degenerative aging processes.

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Iron Plus

Posted by on 4/29/2016 to Vitamin News

Anemia occurs when you have a level of red blood cells (RBCs) in your blood that is lower than normal. Iron deficiency anemia is the most common type of anemia, and it occurs when your body doesn’t have enough of the mineral iron. Your body needs iron to make a protein called hemoglobin. This protein is responsible for carrying oxygen to your body’s tissues, which is essential for your tissues and muscles to function effectively. When there isn’t enough iron in your blood stream, the rest of your body can’t get the amount of oxygen it needs.

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Kids Multivitamin + Omega-3

Posted by on 4/21/2016 to Vitamin News

We take vitamins to keep us healthy and make up for the nutrients our diets might lack. But some vitamins and supplements are a sneaky source of substances no one needs more of in their diet: Sugar, high fructose corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, artificial sweeteners and colors.

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Combat Malabsorption Syndrome with PatchMD’s Line of Products

Posted by on 4/7/2016

Malabsorption means the failure of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, usually the small intestine, to absorb one or more substances from the diet. This is generally the result of some defect or damage to the mucosal lining of the small intestine, where most of our nutrient absorption takes place. The most common symptoms of malabsorption syndrome are diarrhea, bloating, flatulence, cramping and weight loss. Over time, one may become deficient in iron, proteins, various vitamins and minerals and this can lead to degrees of malnutrition and a variety of anemias.

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Promoting Healthy Sleep with PatchMD’s Sleep Starter with Melatonin

Posted by on 2/23/2016 to Sleep Starter Patch

Obtaining sufficient amounts of quality sleep is an absolute necessity for good health, yet many of us experience sleep difficulties on occasion. Insomnia occurs due to a variety of factors—ranging from long hours of work or travel to sleep-disruptive conditions, such as urinary frequency and stressful events. Elderly adults may be particularly susceptible to difficulty sleeping and nighttime awakenings, due to the decline in melatonin levels associated with aging. Melatonin can help promote healthy sleep patterns in some people, regardless of the cause of insomnia.

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Why Our Livers Love the Milk Thistle in PatchMD’s Last Call Hangover Support

Posted by on 2/20/2016 to Hangover Prevention Patch

There are many different kinds of liver disease, each with its own set of causes, symptoms, and impact. But virtually all liver disorders come down to a few main causes, namely oxidative stress and inflammation that lead to liver cell damage and loss of function. While most of us take our liver for granted, this workhouse of the body labors tirelessly to rid the body of accumulated toxins. Fortunately, the liver is well-equipped to deal with those toxins, operating a diverse field of enzyme-driven detoxification systems to neutralize the majority of threats.

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Study Shows CoQ10 in PatchMD’s Anti-Aging Patch Saves Lives of Heart Failure Victims!

Posted by on 2/19/2016 to Anti-Aging Patch

This new study showed that even in patients with the most severe classes of heart failure, CoQ10 supplementation can restore deficient CoQ10 levels, extending life span and improving quality of life. The study, begun in 2003, included only the most severely affected patients (those in the New York Heart Association class III or IV). In addition to their regular medication, study subjects were randomly assigned to receive either 100 mg of CoQ10 or placebo 3 times daily. Each patient was followed up with a wide variety of outcomes measures for two years.

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Rebuilding Healthy Joints with PatchMD’s Glucosamine & Chondroitin Plus

Posted by on 2/18/2016 to Glucosamine & Chondroitin Patch

Chondroitin and glucosamine sulfates are natural components of healthy joint tissue, and are readily available as dietary supplements. They work by supplying the natural raw materials cartilage needs to repair and rebuild itself, and by suppressing the natural enzymes that break cartilage down in the first place. Glucosamine is a naturally occurring substance in the body, synthesized in the chondrocytes. In osteoarthritis, this synthesis is defective and insufficient, and supplementation with glucosamine has proven to be useful.

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PatchMD’s Omega-3 Plus Patch with DHA and the Adult Brain

Posted by on 2/5/2016 to Omega-3 Plus Patch

While DHA is essential for the proper development of the infant brain, it also plays a vital role in the ongoing structure and function of the adult brain. It is a component of several important phospholipids in the brain, with the highest levels of DHA being found in phosphatidylethanolamine (PE) and phosphatidyl-serine (PS). Lower levels exist in phosphatidyl-cholines (PC). Structurally, DHA comprises 22 carbons and six double bonds, making it the most unsaturated fatty acid in cell membranes and an important ingredient in increasing the fluidity of cell membranes.

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How Curcumin in PatchMD’s Anti-Aging Patch Protects Against Cancer

Posted by on 2/4/2016 to Anti-Aging Patch

Curcumin is derived from the Indian spice turmeric and possesses several active components, all of which contribute to its anti-inflammatory and chemo preventive power. In fact, curcumin targets ten causative factors involved in cancer development. Disrupting any one of these factors gives you a good chance of preventing cancer; disrupting several provides even greater protection, including the prevention of DNA damage.

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Fewer Winter Cold and Flu Infections with PatchMD’s Vitamin D Patch

Posted by on 2/3/2016 to Vitamin News

As daylight hours grow shorter, incidence of the common cold, flu, and respiratory infections spikes upwards. Scientists have identified reduced Vitamin D levels in winter months as a prime suspect for this increase in infectious disease cases. Vitamin D from all sources lowers the incidence of respiratory infections. For example, Dutch children with the least sun exposure are twice as likely to develop a cough and three times more likely to develop a runny nose compared with children with the most sun exposure.

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Our Vitamin D3 Patch Now Includes Magnesium

Posted by on 2/1/2012 to Vitamin News

Numerous studies have shown vitamin D levels may lower the risk several conditions ranging from depression to various cancers. The connection between vitamin D deficiency and cancer was first made by doctors Frank and Cedric Garland of the University of California, San Diego. After finding that evidence of colon cancer was nearly 3 times higher in New York than it was in New Mexico, the Garland Brothers hypothesized lack of sun exposure (resulting in lack of vitamin D) played a role. Observational studies found risk of breast cancer and rectal cancer falls as vitamin D blood levels rise.

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Beach Rehab / PatchMD in Live OC Magazine

Posted by on 11/15/2011 to Vitamin News
Beach Rehab

Beach Rehab Center in Huntington Beach is not just an ordinary health and wellness center. They offer individualized patient care, focusing on personal attention to make you feel like a person rather than a symptom. CEO and owner Polly McCormick, who studied at the University of Florida School of Medicine, demonstrates a sensitivity to critical care patients while integrating both Eastern and Western techniques in her treatment protocols.

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Rested and Ready To Go With PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch

Posted by on 5/30/2011 to Vitamin News
Sleep Starter

Deb from New York sent us an account of her experience with PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch. Since taking Melatonin in capsule form never seemed to work for her, she tried our Patch Technology and found that it works exactly as advertised.

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Positive Results from Both the B12 Energy Vitamin Patch And The PMS Night Relief Estro Patch

Posted by on 5/15/2011 to Vitamin News

Sandra from Laguna Niguel, California has been using a variety of patches, including the B12 Energy Vitamin Patch and the PMS Night Relief Estro Patch. With enthusiasm, she has been letting her friends know about how well the patches work for her.

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The Reality of PMS: PatchMD Supports Women and Rejects The “PMS Is A Myth” Propaganda

Posted by on 5/15/2011 to Vitamin News

Like men, women suffer from severe conditions that can inhibit their health and cause them tremendous difficulty in their daily lives. These physical difficulties like PMS are directly related to their physiological make up due to gender. The problem is that PMS is often referred to as a myth in the popular culture, furthering a damaging and negative perspective. Pre-Menstrual Syndrome, however, is a medical reality and should never be referred to as a myth. It is a real and difficult medical condition that women experience on a monthly basis. Patch MD recognizes the challenges of PMS and rejects the “PMS is a Myth” propaganda. We support women and provide two specialty topical patches to address the symptoms of this challenging condition — the PMS Day Relief Estro Patch and the PMS Night Relief Estro Patch.

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Finding Relief With Both The Menopause Day Relief Patch And The Menopause Night Relief Patch

Posted by on 4/30/2011 to Vitamin News

June from Alison Viejo let us know that she found relief from her struggles with Menopause by using both the Menopause Day Relief Patch and the Menopause Night Relief Patch. She describes how the Menopause Night Relief Patch helped her sleep through the night..

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The Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch Helps George From San Diego Overcome Insomnia

Posted by on 4/15/2011 to Vitamin News

George from San Diego described how the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch finally helped him get a decent night’s sleep after years of insomnia. In his letter, George describes his experience with PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch.

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The Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch Helped A Certified Personal Trainer Overcome Jet Lag

Posted by on 3/30/2011 to Vitamin News

PatchMD’s Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch can be a key tool in helping weary travelers avoid and overcome jet lag. A satisfied client sent us an account of her personal experience using the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch. A Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Tina wrote to us about her experience with the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch upon returning from a trip to India.

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Real Sleep Help: The Melatonin Patch Is A Proven Sleep Aid

Posted by on 3/15/2011 to Vitamin News

Insomnia happens to everyone. People just like you who have trouble sleeping are increasingly turning to Melatonin for help. Melatonin, not Malatonin as it is often misspelled on the Internet, is a natural hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is located in the center of your brain. At night, the Melatonin released by your pineal gland causes your heart rate to slow down and your body temperature to drop. As a direct result, the physiological conditions are created that allow for a deep, restful sleep.

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The Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch And Jet Lag

Posted by on 2/28/2011 to Vitamin News

A satisfied client sent us a first-hand account of using the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch Sleep Aids to overcome Jet Lag. A Certified Personal Trainer and Nutritionist, Tina wrote to us upon returning from a trip to India about her experience with the Sleep Starter Melatonin Patch.

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Gastric Bypass Weight Loss Surgery Limits Vitamin Absorption — Could PatchMD Be The Secret To Better Nutrition?

Posted by on 1/15/2011 to Vitamin News
/Gastric_Bypass Digestion can often limit a body’s ability to absorb vitamins, reducing the value of nutrition. PatchMD offers an effective alternative to digestion as a delivery system for vitamins and minerals to help improve your nutrition.

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