Sun Away Plus Topical Patch

Sun Away Plus Topical Patch
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Product Description

Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun causes severe oxidative damage and photoaging to the skin. Sun Away Plus is formulated to help support the resistance of ultraviolet radiation and neutralization of free radicals that lead to premature skin aging.

Sun Away Plus / Supplement Facts / Ingredients

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Apply patch daily to an area with or no hair,i.e.,shoulder, back or hip. avoid using any lotion or cream in the same area of patch application. Patch is not waterproof.

PatchMD products are Latex, Lactose., Gluten and Sugar-free

ALL PATCH ORDERS INCLUDE 30 PATCHES (30-DAY SUPPLY) and 100% Moneyback Guarantee

Sun Away Plus Topical Patch Reviews

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"Absolutely Superior"

PatchMD is endorsed by world renowned doctors...

Dr. Victor Dorodny


"PatchMd is absolutely superior to other modes of delivery of vitamin and nutritional supplements... Lots of people do not want to take the large amount of pills that would be required to take the identical dose that is delivered by the patch"

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No Sunscreen!!


All I can say is WOW. I cannot believe that this technology actually exists and you can now protect your skin through a patch. My skin never liked sunscreen and I've tried the product on our trip to Australia and it works! I didn't wear it one day and got a light burn.

Reviewed by:  from California. -

Highly Recommended


I am a 35 year old woman in good health but wantes to give these patches a try as they came highly recommended! I stumbled upon this "Sun Away" patch during a promotion and almost couldn't believe it. It timed perfectly with a family trip to Thailand and I can absolutely say that the product works.

Reviewed by:  from New York. -

Sun Protection Supplement


I've been wearing these patches for a little over a week but can say that hands down they are the real deal. I live in Southern California where there is never a shortage of sun and these have come in handy as I've been outdoors training for a half marathon. I really believe in the product and am happy to share more.

Reviewed by:  from California. -

A Believer


Pretty fascinating that this technology has been developed and now applied. I'm so happy that the product actually works for me, the only issue is that in the sun I get sweaty and the patch starts to peel off after a few hours. But I just throw on another and call it a day :-)

Reviewed by:  from LA. -

Can't Believe it's not Sunscreen


In Hawaii they are enforcing a ban against all sunscreen and this product really seems to fit the bill for those of us that praise the sun Gods a little more than what is good for our skin. I'm thrilled that something has been created to protect from the inside out.

Reviewed by:  from HI. -

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