Terri’s Testimonial

These patches are amazing! My daughter stopped sleeping through the night about 13 years ago. We tried everything including Benadryl, melatonin, 5-HTP, and clonidine. She still usually wouldn’t sleep all night. Since she can’t swallow pills, we started the patches. We started with glutathione since she is so sensitive to toxins and she slept through the night. We hadn’t even started the sleep one yet so we just stayed with it to begin with to see if it really worked for that too. She has now slept through the night for the last 5 weeks with only twice waking up in the middle of the night. She hasn’t done this for 13 years! It’s a miracle to us. She even asks for it at night. We also started the Focus patches and the teachers have not noticed a difference since we stopped the ADD medication. I also use the menopause night and day and all the hot flashes and sweating have stopped. These products are amazing. I highly recommend them!!

Terri Baldwin


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Let's face it, the perfect diet doesn't exist. While vitamin supplementation has been around for hundreds of years, taking products that have to be digested is not always the best way to get your daily dose. From gastrointestinal issues to stomach sensitivities and today's increasing lack of absorption from so many nutrients into the body, PatchMD has invested over a decade's worth of research to create a new-age topical patch that makes life a whole lot easier. Today, many vitamin patch manufacturers make an inferior product overseas that cannot touch the quality and delivery system from PatchMD. Our product is USA Made, 100% Gluten-Free, Non-Synthetic, Latex, Lactose and sugar-free, yet delivers superior levels of nutrients by using nanotechnology for better absorption into the blood directly, bypassing the stomach and kidneys entirely. No more digestion, shots, or infusions.

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