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PatchMD features cutting edge 3-layer
topical patch technology

Topical patches with 3 layers are designed for maximum effectiveness
and durability throughout the day and night.

PatchMD Technology

Beneath the surface there are always layers.

  • 1

    Contact Layer
    for Convenient Application

    This layer's exclusive, all-natural adhesive allows the patch to be worn anywhere on the body and to stay in place throughout the day. Simply peel the topical patch from it's packaging with your finger and apply to skin daily.

  • 2

    Multi-Nutrient Layer
    for All-Day (or night) Use

    These layers are designed to release nutrients throughout the day and night (up to 8 hours). PatchMD is wholly designed and manufactured in the USA and is never tested on animals.

  • 3

    Backing Layer
    for Lasting Action

    The backing layer is uniquely designed to effectively provide structural support for the patch to be worn all day or night, even with high activity.