This Little Patch is Putting Vitamin Companies Out of Business

Are you one of those people that wakes up to breakfast and a handful of vitamins?

I was too. It started with a couple multivitamins and then my shoulder bothered me so I threw on a few joint support supplements getting my glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM (still not entirely sure what that is). Then I needed more B vitamins for energy and Omega 3 to help my HDL levels. Pretty soon the vitamins pretty much became breakfast.

Does that sound like you?

In any given day I was consuming anywhere between 15-25 tablets, capsules or caplets. You don’t really think about how it all adds up until a quick business trip has you filling out your pill dispenser to the brim like some geriatric patient. You also don’t know how good you have it until you don’t.

One of my friends went through bariatric surgery (gastric bypass) and the rapid weight loss did not come without some serious side effects. She was rapidly losing her hair.. And showed signs of osteoporosis, AND was anemic all at 32 years old! All this weight loss and no energy or any of the foreseen upside of losing all the weight (she thought if she lost 40 lbs. she would be on cloud 9 but was miserable). Let alone she was filling her entire stomach up with pills by the dozen to get her blood levels to normalize.

She heard about Patch MD from others that have been through similar issues and after trying the patch for 90 days had these results to report:

Needless to say, this stuff really works!

Did you know that’s what your swallowing every day?

So he developed a Vitamin Patch: Topical Patch that goes straight into the bloodstream forgoing any absorption issues in the stomach.

Now instead of taking down tens of pills with my breakfast (okay kind of as my breakfast) I am getting my daily vitamin intake by slapping a small patch on my shoulder instead of burping up vitamin remnants during our 9am conference call (Gross).

This is crazy: I feel better on these vitamin patches than i’ve ever felt when I was gulping down those horse pills a few time each day. I have healthier hair, clear skin, an overall sense of well being while resting better at night.

And it gets better.

Patch MD does cater specific transdermal patches for vital nutrients like Iron, D3 w/ Calcium, Biotin, Omega 3, and B12 energy BUT has also branched out to some other amazing supplement lines like their Anti-Aging, Sleep Starter (my personal favorite), PMS relief, Menopause relief, Keep Klear Acne Prevention and even a Hangover Prevention Patch.

Yes You Read that Right: A Hangover Prevention Patch! While you need to use your best judgment to know when to say when, The Topical Hangover Prevention Patch combines the necessary vitamin combination along with a proprietary “PMD Last Call Complex” consisting of substances like N-Acetyl Cysteine, Milk Thistle Extract and Ginger Root. So whether you are looking to give your immunity a boost, looking to energize your day or find some menstrual cramp relief during that time of the month, these guys are doing it in a more convenient and natural way that the body LOVES.

Are you a mom that wants to ensure that your child gets enough vitamins and minerals when all they gravitate to is chocolate milk and grilled cheese sandwiches? Most kids vitamins are LOADED with sugar and junk but now there is a patch they can wear with no forceful swallowing, bad tastes in their mouth or sugar highs.

You might be wondering: How long do I need to wear this thing?

Patch MD leverages Nanotechnology and Topical Patch delivery to provide a smooth and layered time release throughout the day (or night). Patches should be worn for 8 hours for full benefit and you can sleep wearing them. Many people taking melatonin complain about waking in the middle of the night, but not with the patch! (Inside Tip: Just don’t try wearing the B-12 patch at night unless you are pulling an all-nighter). Patches should be applied to an area with little or no hair like the shoulder, back or hip. They come in packs of 30 so you have a months worth of vitamins all in the size of a piece of paper.

Now I slap on 2 patches in the AM (multi-vitamin and B-12 energy) and 2 in the PM (Sleep Starter and D3) and that is that. I feel a heck of a lot better, my body digests food in a much more efficient way and I am living a happier, healthier lifestyle.