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Stephanie Nielsen Pharm.D., CCN

Dr. Nielsen earned her doctor of pharmacy degree (Pharm.D.) at the University of Nebraska. Her clinical degree focused on integrative and cooperative teams where she was responsible for prescribing and managing drug therapy for hospitalized patients. Upon completing her degree she began working in a physician group conducting phase 4 clinical studies. Soon she was recruited into the pharmaceutical industry where she spent the next decade rotating through all aspects of the business including research, manufacturing and marketing. It was in marketing that she found her home and spent several years working in Southern California hospitals educating physicians and staff about various pharmaceuticals. When she retired from pharmaceutical sales she was the number one representative within her division of Johnson and Johnson.

Pharmaceuticals proved to be of little to no benefit to her children who were born with numerous food allergies and gluten sensitivity, so Dr. Nielsen threw herself into learning about nutrition to heal her children. In the process she developed a passion to educate others about whole food healing and founded her nutritional healing practice Wishing You Wellness in 2003. As a perpetual learner Dr. Nielsen completed her board certification in clinical nutrition in 2008. (CCN)

Currently, Dr. Nielsen works in conjunction with a number of physicians, chiropractors and acupuncturists as she specializes in difficult nutritional cases that often deal with allergies and autoimmune issues.

Dr. Nielsen has sat on numerous medical advisor boards for various nutritional network marketing/direct sales, online nutritional retail and supplement companies.

In 2011 Dr. Nielsen began consulting for small businesses and worked with a marketing platform to increase customer sales and retention. In less than 5 years Dr. Nielsen worked with 3,000 business having had over 1 Million views on her training and educational webinars. Dr. Nielsen sales topped more than $50 Million in sales annually.

Dr. Nielsen is a sought after speaker and trainer in the nutrition and motivational speaking arenas. She has been on infomercials, corporate training videos and done various life speaking events as an mistress of ceremonies or keynote speaker.

Dr. Nielsen:
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